Geometric patterns

Image credit: Gorgeous tulip field in Holland

Number 3 in our pattern series is geometrics: “characterized by or decorated with regular lines or shapes”.

You can see why geometrics might be pleasing: think of farmers’ fields, the branching leaves of a tree in summer, honeycombs, the spirals of a sunflower, the print on a leopard’s skin … nature is bounteous with geometrics, which is perhaps why we find them so satisfying.

They can liven up and define a space without jarring and while retaining a sense of equanimity.

Take our own humble offering 'It’s A Puzzle'. Bold and graphic in design, the jigsaw puzzle pieces also soothe with the satisfaction of things fitting together perfectly. (And if your kids’ room is anything like mine, it’s reassuring that something in there is neat and tidy!).

Pale blue puzzle piece wallpaper by PaperBoy wallpaper

Image credit: It's A Puzzle

It’s a rare designer who doesn’t have at least one design of a regular pattern form, and some have made their fortunes on them.

Witness the retro stylings of Orla Keily’s modern icon, Scribble Stem, which thankfully, will still be available, despite her current business woes.

Orla Kiely scribble stem duvet cover John Lewis

Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

As with all more graphic elements, it’s easy for the uninitiated to overdo it. So if in doubt, try a lampshade or a cushion of two until you find your mojo.

Miss Print geometric patterned cushions in a suitcase

Image credit: Finest Wallpaper

Happy decorating!

Victoria x

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