Is there such a thing as restful Christmas decorating?

Look what I made!

Sorry, I’m not usually a big show off or indeed particularly proud of my attempts at crafty-ness but I’ve just spent the most marvellous morning with the absolutely marvellous VV Rouleaux.

If you don’t know her, you can check her out here

As well as making the most exquisite haberdashery on earth, she has just given me the most relaxing and delightful morning playing with greenery and ribbons and sparkly little birds.

VV Rouleaux

Image credit: Pinterest

I attempted home-made decorations when the children were small and found I ended up red-faced and grumpy, lacking the imagination, the patience and possibly the gumption to make charming trinkets and swags and Christmassy gee-gaws.

christmas decoration fail

Image credit: Christmas decoration fail

But to go to a fully stocked workshop and pick from a curated stock of holly and pine cones, boucle lurex ribbon (such luxury!), hydrangeas, golden mini apples, silk pheasant feathers, rosehips and – did I mention? – sparkly birds was very heaven.

Now you might be a great deal cleverer and patient than me.

But my advice to enjoy the run up to Christmas is to go to a workshop where everything is provided – including inspiration.  You can have a fun morning and justify the time and expense with a gorgeous centrepiece for your Christmas decorating.

Given that nearly half of all women report an increase in stress in the run up to the festivities, with a shocking three quarters saying they ‘never get to relax’ over the holidays, I say we deserve to make a virtue and a pleasure out of the preparations. 

As I was weaving together some spruce with ivy and giant blueberries this morning I found myself happily humming this fabulous Christmas tune: 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere I go

Take a look in the five and ten glistening once again

With candy canes and silver lanes aglow

 Click here & have a listen whilst getting your Christmas decs’ together. Guaranteed to cheer and relax in equal measure.

Happy Christmas-tising everyone.

Victoria x

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