Gong hei fat choi!

Image Credit: Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year – the year of the dog.

16th February is the beginning of Chinese New Year and most excitingly for me, this year is the Year of the Dog.

Obviously I have a fondness for dogs, but more than that, I am one!  

A quick google through traits for Dogs confirms that ‘people born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature...honest, friendly, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable...’

That’ll do for me!

Chinese New Year is another one of those spring festivals that bring opportunities to make a new start, clean the house, let go of the past and focus on positive intentions to bring luck for the coming year.

Traditionally windows and doors are decorated with paper-cuts in red.

The colour of happiness and good fortune together with two line poems on the themes of good fortune and happiness. Celebrations include spectacular dragon and lion dances, noisy fireworks and distribution of red envelopes containing money to encourage good luck.

It is also the time to gather family together and eat auspicious food, like dumplings, which look like traditional silver ingots and so symbolize wealth, and ‘longevity noodles’ for a long and prosperous life.

Chinese lantern festival

Image credit: Chinese lantern festival

So to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog how about bringing some animal magic into your life?

Start small with a celebration cake?

Dog shaped cake

Image credit: Dog shaped cake ...

Kitsch it up with some doggy accessories…

Dog as Queen Victoria cushion

Image credit: Dog cushion

Or, of course, you can celebrate the Year of the Dog simply by celebrating your dog. 

Happy New Year, Doggo.

Doggo asleep in bed

Victoria x

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