Clerkenwell Design Week

Image credit: CDW 2018

There are loads of exciting inspirational design fairs from the vast and venerable Ideal Homes (now in its 110th year) to the dinky Houzz of 2018 which was held in a single house in Soho. 

This week is a favourite of mine – Clerkenwell Design Week

It covers everything from furniture to lighting and textiles to accessories and is set in an area with more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere in the world (plus a lot of trendy coffee shops and foodie hubs).

I love the drama of Clerkenwell. 

Where else can you see cutting edge new design in the subterranean House of Detention or New British talent on show in an 18th century crypt?

I’m never really in need of ironmongery or architectural accessories but you never know where inspiration will come from. 

So I’ll be browsing the new Elements displays in St John’s Square and maybe my next wallpaper will be based around decorative metal?!

And while l’m there I’ll be checking out some of the competition, like the splendid Arte wallcoverings’ new collections.

arte wallpaper

Image credit: Arte wallpaper at CDW

Then with my shopping head on I can always find something in the sample sale at Design Best – last year I picked up some wonderful pendant lamps from farmer-turned-lighting craftsman Jim Lawrence and a gorgeous phone case from Ally Capellino both with 60% off.

I was also hoping to see my favourite furniture maker, Stuart Scott there this year. 

His workshop is just round the corner from me in Wiltshire and he made me a bespoke sofa a few of years ago which I couldn’t love more if I tried. It’s in the perfect shade of blue with the ideal measure of ‘speckle’ so it doesn’t show the dirt.  The material is soft and warm and the upholstery the perfect balance of squishy and supportive and without the need for constant plumping of ‘shjuzzing’.

The Reposer Sofa by Stuart Scott

Image credit: Stuart Scott Reposer Sofa

He measured the length of my thighs so he could make the seat the perfect height for me, with my feet comfortably on the floor, and without my knees poking awkwardly high like they do in economy seats on Easyjet. 

If that wasn’t luxury enough, he made it the perfect shape and size for me and both my little boys to lie on it comfortably.  We had many gloriously comfortable evenings lolling together in front of the telly before they grew.

Now I’m afraid it’s just long enough for one of my lanky teenagers at a time.

 So as I say, I was hoping to see him at Clerkenwell, but sadly he’s going to ICFF New York this year to exhibit at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Maybe I’ll bump into you instead!

Victoria x

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